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About Us

We know how hard it can be to manage a busy everyday schedule with career, family, and hobbies. You need a lot of energy and good productive habits to keep up with all that! Our team is here to help you since we had all those challenges ourselves. We have dedicated our time to give you a helping hand. On DailyStamina, we will share our experiences and support you on a route to becoming a more productive, energized person. You will get more time and energy for what truly matters in your life. 

Our mission
We're here to help you fight the tiredness and time pressure to stand out from others and be your best self. You will get an edge in your life and will be able to outcompete your colleagues for a promotion or to spend more time with your kids. Whatever your goal is.

We will help you by giving you practical and realistic advice without wasting your time on empty talks. Eating healthy, drinking more water, or staying fit is easier said than done. So we won’t just tell but show you how in a way that works in real life.

By sharing insightful, scientifically-based, and explicit materials, we’ll help you improve your:

  • eating habits
  • physical activity
  • mental productivity
  • time-management skills

Being productive doesn’t mean working yourself into the ground. We will show how to balance pursuing your career heights and spending more time with your beloved ones. With our ebooks and blog posts, you’ll see that when you’re efficient, you can find time and energy for everything: your career, the family dinner, a hobby, and even your vacation.

What’s more, we won’t advise you to sacrifice your health to get more time. Our DailyStamina team has found a way to balance staying healthy and productive and happy to share this knowledge with you. Let’s rise to a new level of your efficiency together!

Warmest regards,
Nick Collins and the rest of team