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Impact of Diet on the Productivity

We are what we eat. You might have heard that, and it is true as well. The food we eat has a huge impact on our bodies. It is even scientifically proven that eating high-frequency foods is related to good health, while low-frequency foods hamper your productivity and energy levels. Our body gets energy from the food we eat. If it is not right, it can hamper our work life. You can get your free ebook to boost work productivity here to know more.

Here is how diet impacts productivity: 

Bad Food Results in Lethargy

If you are feeling sleepy after breakfast or lunch in the office, there are probable chances that you are eating food that is high in carbs and bad fats. For example, sugar drinks immediately increase the sugar levels in the body that in turn increase the release of insulin which in turn floods the brain with sleep hormones like serotonin and tryptophan, making you feel sleepy.

Impact Mood 

The food you eat can impact your mood. Eating the right kind of food alleviates mood and boosts productivity. For example, in a study, it was shown that employees who eat raw fruits and vegetables are 25% more productive than those who do not. Eating the right kind of food that releases the feel-good hormones while being good for the body is what you should focus on to improve your mood at the workplace.

Keep You Healthy

Eating the right kind of foods boost your immunity system and keeps you healthy. The employees who are healthy are less off to work, which eventually means you are available most of the time for work that helps you achieve more. Learn more about the impact of the diet on productivity by downloading the best ebook to boost your productivity.

How to Boost Your Stamina in Effective Ways?

You might often choose to improve endurance, strength, and speed. While these components of fitness are all worthwhile goals to chase, the one less-appreciated fitness factor that connects multiple components of fitness into one: stamina. If you want the desirable amount of motivation for your fitness buck, consider working to improve stamina. There are multiple strategies to increase daily stamina in you. These include eating healthy, proper sleep schedule, exercising, and much more.

Wondering what stamina actually is? Okay!

Now picture yourself walking a little far or climbing 3-4 floors; usually, you might get tired. But, if you put an athlete or a sportsperson, it would be equivalent to a cakewalk to them. It is because they have higher stamina that they have gained through the constant practicing of certain habits.

If you want to know the practices, this blog will guide you to induce improvements in your stamina.

The fundamental notion here is to challenge yourself!

Firstly, you should understand that doing the same workouts at the same intensity over and over again does not help you improve in any capacity. However, it will help change something: frequency, intensity, volume, weight, distance, speed, or rest intervals. 

Increase Your Running Distance or Time

Try to challenge yourself to keep your usual running pace for a minute longer. When you can do that, keep on adding another minute. You will start to see development in your stamina, although everyone has limits on how far and fast they can run. 

Try High-Volume Weightlifting

Volume improves fitness in resistance training. You can begin by raising the number of reps gradually, such as 10-12-15-20, etc.

These kinds of minor tweaks will lead to significant improvements over time. 

Take Supplements

Carbohydrate is known to be a beneficial supplement to endurance exercise; however, this is not the only beneficial supplement.

Caffeine, Creatine, Whey Protein, B Vitamins, Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract, L-Carnitine and Cla, Beta-Alanine, are some of the effective supplements that will help in boosting your stamina.

Don't Forget to Rest and Recover

Wait, wait, and wait!! In your hunger to boost stamina, do not forget to take a rest. If you perform an intense workout every day, your body does not get the chance to recover, unable to repair your muscles. Therefore, rest days are essential to your improvement over time. 

Learn more about stamina and how to improve it with the help of the best eBooks for a healthy lifestyle. Get scientifically proven insights and easy-to-follow tips on how to stay energized and efficient even during your most challenging days.

Give Wings to the Productivity of Your Employees with These Strategies

One of the most widespread issues faced by employers is lower levels of productivity by staff members. Why should the lack of productivity of your employees be a matter of concern to you? It needs to be because employees with minimal productivity mean a less productive environment and greater risks to your business.  

So, it's high time you consider some tried-and-tested ways to give wings to the productivity of your staff. You can opt to improve daily productivity by ebooks or try other effective ways.

Are you feeling at a loss as to how to do it? If yes, make sure you read this blog to get profitability-boosting strategies.

Give more breaks: encourage your employees to take breaks. Employees who are exhausted and stressed are bad for your business, not the ones who are refreshed and motivated. Arrange to celebrate their birthdays or take partin fun games.

Appreciate your employees: yes, you heard it right! Appreciating your employees will motivate them to do their best and will be good for your business in the long run. Moreover, it is not a bad idea to praise your employees who are doing well during a meeting .

Communication is the key: communication between an employer and employee tends to bear good results. Not only will such type of communication give birth to a healthy relationship, it will keep your employees more active and productive.

Provide a gym to your workers: if you give access to a gym for your employees in your office, it can expand the activity and profitability of your business.

Rewards: it's imperative to give rewards to your employees to motivate them to work efficiently and whole-heartedly. Giving them small rewards and perks will strengthen their trust in the company and they will work harder to achieve their goals.

These tips will help make your employees achieve a good level of productivity. Apart from this, you should rely on stress management ebooks for more tips to tackle stress.




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